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Introducing Insight: Take Control of Your Fund Obligations

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Transform your fund documents into Insight

Modernize your fund obligation management processes and transform your contracts into Insight:

  • Strengthen investor trust: manage and track compliance with ongoing obligations, proactively handle requirements, and create a clear audit trail of compliance for investors and regulators.
  • Drive organizational accountability: assign all obligations to functional owners across all departments and monitor organization-wide completion to ensure compliance.
  • Save time and money: lean on historical precedent to streamline future negotiations, save costs by self-servicing complex questions, and ultimately close funds faster.


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Organize and manage fund obligations across your entire organization

Remove the complexity from fund compliance and build stronger investor relationships with Insight.

Strengthen investor trust

Proactively handle fund obligations and make future fundraising and negotiations quicker and easier.

Drive organizational accountability

Assign tasks to others and analyze compliance across your organization in real-time.

Reliably audit compliance

Monitor and audit obligations through digital records to verify who did what and when.

Save time

Organize your obligations in a single dashboard, eliminating the need to reference multiple compendia.

The world's leading investment firms rely on Insight

Take control of your fund obligations

InCloudCounsel announces Insight, a purpose-built fund obligation management solution designed to organize obligations across your funds, drive accountability and compliance, and ultimately strengthen investor trust.

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