The Top 10 Terms in Side Letters

Below we’ve outlined key side letter terms, highlighted some of the challenges in complying with those terms, and assessed the potential operational impact for GPs. While these are just a handful of the most important provisions commonly found in side letters, GPs are often dealing with thousands of individual obligations, to multiple LPs, across multiple funds, all at the same time.

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The world's leading asset managers leverage Insight to manage their side letters

The Top 10 Terms in Side Letters

“The private funds industry is well past the point at which side letters have become ubiquitous,” the Private Equity Law Report said in June 2021. For firms, the report continued, the key to succeeding in an increasingly convoluted environment comes “both at the front end of negotiating side letters and at the back end of managing the obligations contained therein over a fund’s life.”

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Luke Ruse

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