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Document Processing: Free yourself from routine legal work

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The complete solution for negotiating and managing routine contracts

Our Document Processing solution complements the work of seasoned lawyers to provide your team with top-tier legal representation, real-time visibility into the status of contract negotiations, and automated tools to track ongoing obligations and notify you of key terms.

  • Team of experts: Our curated network of expert lawyers provide you with personalized, reliable, high-quality representation.
  • Dashboards and reporting: Quickly access all of your documents and key terms through one simple dashboard.
  • Enhanced by AI: Machine learning tools and human-in-the-loop training increase lawyer efficiency and accuracy.


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400k+ contracts processed for the world’s biggest and fastest growing companies

Experience the advantage of our full-service, purpose-built solution for negotiating and managing routine contracts.

Effortless onboarding

Our Account Managers will match you to a dedicated team of lawyers, develop a personalized playbook for your program, and customize our software features to best serve your team.

Skilled negotiation

Simply submit a contract for review and we’ll do the rest. Your InCloudCounsel lawyers deploy the playbook in a consistent and commercial manner to bring contracts from origination to execution.

Dynamic reporting

Key terms across all of your contracts are aggregated in easy-to-reference reports that allow you to draw upon the full scope of knowledge from your firm’s precedent agreements.

Custom notifications

Email notifications to alert your team of any upcoming expiration dates or restrictive covenants.

The world's leading investment firms rely on Document Processing

Over 300 hours saved and 90% cost savings

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Luke Ruse

Luke Ruse

General Counsel

Luke Ruse is the General Counsel of InCloudCounsel. Before joining InCloudCounsel, Luke was a Partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, focused on commercial and bankruptcy litigation and regulatory investigations. 

Luke started his career clerking for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and the U.S. District Court for the N.D. Illinois.

Jon Crandall

Managing Director, APAC

Jon is based in Singapore, where he manages the company’s relationships with its APAC-based clients. Jon holds a J.D. from New York University School of Law and a B.A. in mathematics from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Prior to joining InCloudCounsel, Jon spent over 10 years as a practicing corporate lawyer across Singapore, London, and New York, most recently as a partner in the capital markets practice of an international law firm.